Feel So Lucky to Have Found Him

Peter was a huge help throughout the home buying process. We met him by chance at an open house, and feel so lucky to have found him. As a first-time home buyer, I loved that Peter could answer all of my questions, from simple to complex to silly. Even when a house didn’t necessarily meet our expectations, we still had a blast meeting with Peter and exploring different places. It’s easy to tell that he loves the real estate business. He was always friendly, humorous, well-informed, flexible, and genuinely interested in the homes we were seeing. By the time we moved into our new home, we felt like Peter was more like an uncle or a good friend than a real estate agent. Plus, we encountered one difficult situation with an inspection that revealed several major problems, and Peter went above and beyond what I would expect any other real estate agent to do. It could have been a horrifically stressful time for us, and although it was still a difficult situation, Peter really took care of us. I trust him completely, and will without a doubt ask for his help for any future house hunting or selling.