I Have Referred Everyone I Know to Peter & Lynne

As someone who has had the privilege to work with Peter & Lynne McKee on multiple real-estate transactions, I will take this opportunity to tell you that you are in good hands. Peter & Lynne have been my agents as a buyer and a seller of both residential & commercial properties, and as difficult as any real-estate transaction can be they have always made it seem so simple.

Over the years I have found that their knowledge and dedication to their work has been exceptional. Despite their very busy schedules they never failed to return a phone call or an e-mail, and no matter how simple or complex the question at hand may be they have always provided reliable & accurate information. They have helped me find my dream home which was an adventure full of ups and downs but they always supported me and my ever-changing mind and they were there to provide valuable advice during my frequent bouts of indecisiveness.

I have heard all sorts of horror stories from family members and friends on how difficult and stressful their purchase or sale was, and come to find out, all too often it is due to an inattentive agent, which is why I have referred everyone I know to Peter & Lynne. It is foolish to assume that a major purchase or sale of real-estate will be smooth from start to finish, however knowing that you have Peter & Lynne working for your best interest can offer you valuable peace of mind during these life changing transactions.

If you are in the market for an agent I would strongly recommend Peter & Lynne McKee they are knowledgeable, resourceful, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.