Went Far Beyond my Expectations

I want to thank you for all of the special services and care you provided in selling my house.

First, there were Lynne’s detailed instructions to help me get the house ready and then her meticulousness and skill in staging the house so that I received an offer at the full asking price from the first perspective buyer to see the house. Then when due to no fault of yours that sale fell through, and necessary repairs disclosed by the first prospective buyer’s inspection were made, and the house was again on the market, I again received a fully satisfactory offer from the first prospective buyer to see it then. That really convinced me of Lynne’s skill, although it was really not a surprise because I knew and had engaged you because you recently had sold two other houses in my neighborhood to the first prospective buyers to see them.

Then there was Peter’s skill in negotiating not only the sale, but in taking over the finding of contractors and supervising repairs when during the pendency of the sale I became increasingly ill, ultimately wound up in the hospital, and afterwards could no longer drive. Further, Peter, you saved me much money by having certain tests done which showed that work that the actual buyers wanted done was unnecessary and that other work could be done for much less than their estimate. All this went far beyond what I had expected from a real estate agent.

And Lynne, you, too, went far beyond my expectations when you took over dealing with the person who was supposed to get my house emptied of what I had left behind, sell these contents or otherwise dispose of them, and clean the house so it was ready for the buyers.

Then there were the little things like Lynne coming over to my new place to bring things I had unintentionally left behind and Peter coming to the hospital several times to keep me apprised of his negotiations with the buyers.

Through all this, you were patient and made me feel that I was dealing with friends who were looking out for my best interests and not just in a business relationship, and I still have that feeling.

I have been praising you and telling of all you did for me whenever I talk about the sale, and will recommend you at every opportunity.